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Our Story

Our mission starts and ends with our love for Matcha. We hope you enjoy our Matcha as much as we do, and start to reap its’ beautiful benefits!

Thank you for visiting our website! It’s because of you that we can commit to our passion. Our story starts in London back in 2018, when we first tasted Matcha tea in our favourite Japanese restaurant. We wanted to experience the unique flavour of Matcha at home. Reading about Matcha, we soon learned of its’ countless health and wellbeing benefits. 


As our love of Matcha grew, we became determined to find the definitive Matcha. We wanted to source an organic authentic Japanese Matcha, cultivated to the highest standards with no pesticides and with only natural ingredients, high in antioxidants and packed with 100% delicious green goodness!


Along the way we have come across many disappointing Matcha teas. We have learnt that some which are marketed as ceremonial grade are in fact bitter and grainy; a far cry from the high quality cup we had tasted in the restaurant. After many tastings, we have finally arrived at what we believe is the perfect Matcha: silkily smooth, creamy and naturally slightly sweet. 


Ours is a drink that grants us a quiet space in our hectic lives whilst also nurturing our physical health. Now it’s time to Matcha You Up! We hope you love our Matcha as much as we do!

Co Founders, Matcha Me Up

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