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What We Believe In

We are what we drink, so we’ve kept our Matcha pure and simple: a wholesome and delicious tea that’s as refreshing as it is sustaining. Our only ingredient is shade-grown ceremonial-grade green tea leaves. That’s it! Just leaves sourced directly from the misty, temperate hills of Shizuoka in Japan where Matcha thrives. 


Matcha is the heart of centuries-old Japanese tea ceremonies. By choosing only the highest grade Matcha, we aim to bring some of the tranquillity and harmony of the tea ceremony to our busy lives. Each sip of our tea will relax the mind as it rediscovers the simplicities of life, whilst gently energising the body. 

Why Choose Matcha Me Up



Matcha Me Up is Organic certified by OF&G. We care about what we put into our bodies, and that’s why we set out to produce an Organic Matcha. Vegan friendly and 100% natural ingredients.



Considered the highest quality of Matcha, our Ceremonial tea is smooth and slightly sweet in taste. Take a moment to pause as you indulge in each sip and rediscover the simplicities of life.



The Matcha market is saturated with low quality Chinese Matcha. Japan is the true birthplace of the tea, it’s in these green hills where the Matcha leaves thrive with the perfect amount of rainfall, mild temperatures and fertile soil.

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We Are What We Drink

Here are the benefits you can look forward to...

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High in


Antioxidants Transparent.png

Matcha is bursting with antioxidants! 

It even has 137x more

antioxidants than green tea.


Zenergy Trans.png

Matcha contains the infamous power duo of L-Theanine and caffeine. This will leave you in a state of relaxed alertness.

Immunity Trans.png

Matcha is rich in antioxidants, especially catechins, which have been known to fight off infections.

Boosts Immunity

Concentration trans.png

Matcha helps to produce dopamine and serotonin which will improve your mood and reduces stress.

Promotes Concentration


A collection of our favourite ways to enjoy Matcha Me Up! Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Japanese Matcha Tea or craving something sweeter like a gooey white chocolate Matcha brownie ... we’ve got you covered!


Our Story


Our story starts in London back in 2018, when we first tasted Matcha tea... As our love of Matcha grew, we became determined to find the definitive Matcha. We wanted to source an organic authentic Japanese Matcha, cultivated to the highest standards with no pesticides and with only natural ingredients, high in antioxidants and packed with 100% delicious green goodness!

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